To win the game, you have to remove every hex by matching them. Matching rules are explained in the "how to play" menu.


  • easy: more than 11 initial active hex positions
  • hard: less than 10 initial active hex positions
  • plus: added two quintessence hexes

ver 1.3

  • slightly changed hex colors based on user feedback

ver 1.2

  • another bugfix for the solver, now I'm 99% sure all the maps are solvable
  • in easy modes, now there are equal amounts of 2, 3 and 6 sided maps
  • in hard modes, turns out there are only around 35 possible 6 sided patterns, so only 0,05% of the maps has 6 sides to avoid too much pattern repetition
  • I'm working on other ways to verify maps solvability with outside help, I will update this page with the results

ver 1.1

  • added quintessence
  • added scaling
  • added difficulty
  • maps were generated with a new map pattern generator
  • maps were generated with an improved solver, so there shouldn't be any unsolvable maps anymore.
  • 40,000 maps were generated, 10,000 for each difficulty

ver 1.0

  • initial release

The game mechanics were invented by Zachtronics LLC, it's from a minigame called Sigmar's Garden which is part of their awesome game Opus Magnum. You should go check it out!